Catalyst Products

Catalyst Resale: Eurecat Regenerated Catalyst for sale

Eurecat offers a wide range of surplus high-quality regenerated and fresh catalyst Major refinery groups are currently our biggest customers. Each year they realize considerable savings from the purchase of high-quality second hand catalysts. We source resale catalyst in several ways.

Catalyst lots from our European and U.S. inventories are all detailed in our searchable "Catalyst for Sale" inventory where you can find detailed information about each lot, such as:

  • Contaminant metals analysis
  • Surface area
  • Previous service
  • Size of catalyst
  • Mechanical strength
  • Predicted loading densities
  • Location of the inventory
  • A photo of the catalyst

We also perform activity testing and we can many times provide information about the estimated remaining activity level of a catalyst as compared to fresh catalysts, Resale catalysts with 80 - 100% of fresh catalyst activity can typically be purchased at 30-70% of fresh catalyst prices.